Did you know that GICU offers automated fraud alerts via text message when suspect credit and/or debit card activity is identified?  We encourage you to sign up for this free service today to stay informed of any card activity you did not authorize.

Benefits of automated fraud alerts:

  •  Fraudulent activity is identified early and members are promptly informed with automated alerts
  •  Members can respond to text alerts immediately to verify if card activity is valid or fraudulent
  •  If the member identifies the suspect activity as fraud, the process for replacing the compromised card can start immediately
  •  Member responses to alerts allow fraud trends to be recognized early

 To enroll your GICU credit card(s):

  1.  Sign in to AccessPoint 
  2.  Click Communications
  3.  Select Fraud Alerts
  4.  Follow registration instructions

To enroll your GICU debit card(s):

  1. Sign in to Online Banking 
  2. Click Services
  3. Select Automated Fraud Alerts 
  4. Follow registration instructions

Or sign up for GICU Debit Card Fraud Alerts directly by clicking here.

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