Mortgage Loan Originators

Greater Iowa Credit Union, in compliance with the S.A.F.E. Act, has successfully registered our experienced and skilled mortgage loan originators with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). Our staff has completed a comprehensive process which included a criminal background and fingerprint check utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s extensive data base to become registered with the NMLS. You can count on your mortgage processing to be handled by trustworthy, skilled and competent individuals who are interested in serving you. 

Name Location/Branch NMLS # Email Address
Makayla Alvarado Des Moines - Westown 2019058
Joy Beccam Ankeny 2447782
Jade Baeza Ames- Southgate 2421530
Crystal Becker Ames - Lincoln Way  1329773
Alex Bushore  Ames - Lincoln Way 2281440
Alexis Cardenas Denison 2177433
Estrella Carrasco Des Moines - East 539114
Mercedes Castillo Montiel Waukee 2247707
Morgan Chavez Ames-Somerset 2488895

Mark Estes Indianola 

Brian Dooley Des Moines - East 1444041
Jamie Fannin Ames-Southgate 2521756

Amber Foley

Ames - Lincoln Way


Cynthia Gallardo Des Monies-Westown 1844067

Levi Govea Ankeny


Finny Gray Contact Center 499994
Lois Logan Denison 1722500

Hope Gries

Ames - Southgate 1935276

Andrea Harl Indianola 


Ryan Hart Ames-Lincoln Way 2522096

Paola Guaillas Waukee 2177441
William Holcomb Des Moines- Westown


Jenise Lowe Ames- Southgate

Rosa Saldana Denison


Gary Hayenga Ames - Operations Center 1597094
Jessica Luna Ankeny 1472727

Steph Mandernach

Ames - Operations Center 1435494

Michelle Marquez Contact Center 1615614

Amanda Matthews Ames - Lincoln Way 2046727
Yuliana Mendoza-Pintor Des Moines- East 2404120
Jocelyn Pena Waukee 854814
Althair Peralta Quintana Contact Center 2115950

Linette Quintanilla

Des Moines - East 1906759

Dulce Perez Des Moines-Westown 1495698
Brayant Ramirez-Aguinia Waukee 2079470
Loraine Riley Ankeny 489074
Osvaldo Rodriguez Des Moines - Westown 2019258

Nathan Scott

Ames - Operations Center 994313

Jessica Silvius Indianola 1495698
Grace Stalzer Ames- Lincoln Way 1495698
Angel Tejeda Ames- Somerset 1495698
Shay Luna Ames - Lincoln Way 2079448
Meredith Zimmerline Ames- Operations Center 1495698

Julie Willse Ames - Operations Center 923842
Katie Wilson Ames - Operations Center 500012
Peggy Wurster Ames - Lincoln Way 500013
Scott Zahnle Ames - Operations Center 923841
Yaneli Sandoval Des Moines-East


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