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Let's face it, paper money has lost significant ground to credit, debit and gift cards when it comes to our personal finances. They're secure, convenient and easier to use than ever. At Greater Iowa, we offer a full range of card services.  Visit any of our branches to get started using Greater Iowa's Debit Mastercard®.

Debit/ATM Card Usage

The Greater Iowa Debit Mastercard® can be used to withdraw cash from ATM machines. It can also be used like a check to make purchases that are directly deducted from your checking account, including online purchases.

In addition to the no-fee ATM machines owned by Greater Iowa, you can use your card in any ATM machine that accepts Mastercard® or Shazam® cards. You can also avoid fees by using your Debit Mastercard® at Privileged Status® ATMs.

Using your Debit Mastercard® when you head out shopping is safer than carrying cash. There are two different ways to use the card that will affect your daily spending limits and fees you may incur, depending on your account.

As a debit: If you choose to pay for your purchase using your card as debit, you'll be required to enter your four-digit PIN. The purchase also will be considered an ATM transaction. The purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your available checking account balance.

As a "credit" card: You have the option of using Debit Mastercard® like a credit card and provide a signature to approve the purchase. Unlike a credit card, the approved purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your available checking account balance.

Daily Limits

That depends on the type of the account. If you need assistance to change your daily limits, please speak with a member service representative or call 800.296.9064.

Lost or Stolen Debit or ATM Card

Call 866-820-3923 immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

Activation of Debit or ATM Card

To activate a new debit card before using it for the first time, please call 866-985-2273.

Change Your Pin

Reset your pin number with just one phone call.  Call 866.985.2273  You must call from one of the phone numbers GICU has on file for you. Cardholder must also have physical card to complete the process.

Click here for PIN Now instructions in Spanish.

Register for Mastercard Identity Check

Mastercard Identity Check gives card holders added protection for online transactions; it provides extra security from retailers and scammers because you will get independent approval every time you use your card. Register for Mastercard Identity Check.

Fraud Alerts

Log in to your online banking account to enroll in fraud alerts.  We encourage you to sign up for this free service today to stay informed of any card activity you have not authorized.  Learn more >

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