Be Alert: Texter Pretending to be GICU

posted January 17, 2024 in Member Alert

Your security is of paramount importance to us and we are writing to inform you about a recent security concern related to fraudulent text messages being sent out in our name.  

Here are the key details regarding these fraudulent text messages:

  1. Suspicious Sender: The text messages are coming from phone numbers that are not associated with Greater Iowa Credit Union.
  2. Phishing Links: These messages may contain links that lead to potentially harmful websites. It is crucial that you do not click on any links in these messages.
  3. Fake Information: The messages may mention that fraudulent charges have been applied to your account.  The message gives you an option to verify the authenticity of the charge by logging in to your online banking account.  Do not click the link.  This takes you to a fraudulent page.
  4. Urgency: Fraudsters will often encourage you to act quickly and before you've had a chance to think.  Remember that a call to immediate action is a common indicator of fraud is a good red flag to watch out for.
  5. Check Your Account: If you receive a suspicious text message claiming to be from GICU, we strongly advise that you do not respond or click any links. There have been no account breaches associated with this scam and your information is safe.  You may log in to your online banking via our website or mobile app to check your current balances and activity.

We want to emphasize that your account security has not been compromised.  Fraudsters send texts and make phone calls on behalf of many financial institutions, not just GICU.  As a precaution, we recommend that you periodically review your account statements, monitor your account activity, and promptly report any unauthorized or suspicious transactions to us.

We value your trust and appreciate your continued membership at Greater Iowa Credit Union. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to keep your banking experience safe and secure.

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